Keeping my Universal Life Insurance, for now

A bird in the hand...
A bird in the hand…( Bollenbacher)

Now that I’ve left my “full pull” job ~ that’s what I call a full-time career ~ I shouldn’t need Life Insurance anymore, right? ¬†Right.
Mr. SustyThemes and I don’t even have any kids, so it should be obvious. No dependents to support, both retired, so no further need for life insurance.
But…here’s my thinking.

(Note: I’m no insurance expert! But maybe sharing my thinking will trigger some ideas, or useful feedback.)

A long time ago, in what seems like another lifetime, I bought (or more accurately, was “sold”) a Universal Life insurance policy. I haven’t paid any (flexible) premiums since 2002 when I had other expenses and realized this wasn’t a good “investment” vehicle as policy interest rates continued to be reduced each year. It’s been out of sight, out of mind. I left my career almost 4 years ago, but have been busy enjoying life and doing some part-time work projects, so didn’t get around to reevaluating my insurance situation until this year. That’s the life of a joyfully semi-retired person ~ if I do one thing a day I’m satisfied ūüėČ But I digress….

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8 (Great) Recent Reads Revealed


This post is the first in a planned series called¬†Recent Reads Revealed, where¬†I’ll share my reading list ~ I’m curious about yours too!

Are you ever curious what other people are reading?  I am ~ especially when I know we have some similar interests!

I Love To Read and research things. So, now and then, I plan to post my Recent Reads in the hope it could be of value for others. I’d love¬†to get a reading list conversation going within¬†the community, so I welcome your comments!

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