Did I Do Meaningful Work This Week?

Do Meaningful Work - whatever that means for YOU!
Do Meaningful Work – whatever that means for YOU! (Photo credit to Pixabay)

I always say my “mission” these days is to do meaningful work in retirement.  I don’t necessarily mean paid work – in fact I haven’t chosen to work for pay since my Encore Fellowship ended about 10 months ago.

I figure writing this down and making it public will help to keep me accountable, and also appreciate when I have actually accomplished more than it might feel like I have.

Do Meaningful Work
To me this simply means, spending time and energy on things that contribute to my personal priorities.

  1. helping family members who are getting less independent
  2. working out regularly,  and hiking with friends
  3. managing our financial decisions
  4. engaging in local climate & sustainability projects
  5. blogging and tweeting about books/finance/sustainability
  6. maintaining & building relationships
  7. working on little projects for my family members

So let’s see – How did I do this week?

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Woo-hoo! I earned my first blog dollar today

A FUN day for Sustainable Themes!
A FUN day for Sustainable Themes! (Photo credit to Pixabay)

For a novice blogger, it’s a big day! 

I had my very first earnings today through my Amazon Affiliate link, and it’s oddly exhilarating! 🙂

Those of you with established blogs will laugh, I’m sure, at my first $2.34….. but maybe you remember the feeling?

Money wasn’t the reason for blogging, and I’m still discovering what I want to write about that will add value, but this is a FUN moment I thought I’d share.

It’s so nice to know someone was here ~THANKS ~ you’ve energized me!! And thank you to all the #PF #EarlyRetirement #FI bloggers out there who have already taught me so much!

Ms. Susty Themes

Do you remember this moment in your blogging life?