I’m exploring the common thread of sustainability running through my life ~ environmental stewardship, strong relationships and health, and financial resiliency.  To me it’s common sense sustainability. 

I love to read and learn about these topics nearly every day, and have started this site to build a convenient resource to share with others.  I also curate a weekly newspaper with items I read to keep myself current on financial independence and environmental topics.

I’ll share items I’ve found insightful, and occasionally will review books and articles on these topics that form a theme in my life.  Since Mr. Susty Themes and I left our corporate jobs at 51, I may blog a bit about how that “slightly early retirement” experience is going for us!

I hope you find this to be “food for thought” on your own path.  I expect this process will help me too!

Cheers, Ms. Susty Themes

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Common Sense Sustainability: Environmental, Financial, Healthy Living

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