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Did I Do Meaningful Work This Week?

Do Meaningful Work - whatever that means for YOU!
Do Meaningful Work – whatever that means for YOU! (Photo credit to Pixabay)

I always say my “mission” these days is to do meaningful work in retirement.  I don’t necessarily mean paid work – in fact I haven’t chosen to work for pay since my Encore Fellowship ended about 10 months ago.

I figure writing this down and making it public will help to keep me accountable, and also appreciate when I have actually accomplished more than it might feel like I have.

Do Meaningful Work
To me this simply means, spending time and energy on things that contribute to my personal priorities.

  1. helping family members who are getting less independent
  2. working out regularly,  and hiking with friends
  3. managing our financial decisions
  4. engaging in local climate & sustainability projects
  5. blogging and tweeting about books/finance/sustainability
  6. maintaining & building relationships
  7. working on little projects for my family members

So let’s see – How did I do this week?

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There is a common theme


Welcome to Sustainable Themes!

Lately, it has become clear to me that there are some common themes running through my life ~ a common thread related to ‘sustainability’.  Maybe it’s true for you too.

I like to keep up with the news and progress related to renewable energy and other ways we could be taking better care of things environmentally.

I also realize that my interest in financial independence and planning is essentially another angle on the same topic, focused on personal sustainability.  It’s about identifying priorities, and then making life choices that align with that plan.  I think of this as building a ‘resilient’ financial life that offers a form of freedom and balance.

And I value the benefits of a healthy life of physical activity, as well as a community of friends and family that form the foundation of a happy and healthy life.

As a part of nearly every day, I’m seeking and gathering information on these topics.

So, I’ve started this site to share some of what I’m learning, and hopefully inspire more people toward what I call “common sense sustainability”.  I hope it offers some ‘food for thought’ for others on a similar path.


Book Review: Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change The World


Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change The World    ♦♦♦♦
by Bill Nye
352 pages, Published November 2015

Here’s a book that could be interesting to quite a broad audieUnstoppable book picnce.

The dedication sets the tone: “To the Next Great Generation. Embrace science. Solve problems. Make things. Change the world.”

I learned quite a bit of science and technology that I believe increases my ability to understand more about climate change, and options and alternatives being debated. It’s a bit like a textbook – that’s got its pros and cons. If you skim/skip sections that are a slog for you personally, you won’t miss the overall message.

The book conveys a positive ‘can do’ attitude; about technologies that are vital to pursue to change the way we manage energy and water, and the importance of laws and policies that will guide us to do more with the resources we have.

The title isn’t referring to that climate change is Unstoppable, although a certain amount of warming and disruption is definitely baked in, rather that our species is unstoppable when we decide to rise to the challenges we face.

To be the Next Great Generation, we all need to step up, through our personal efforts, innovations we create, the policies we support, and the people we vote for.